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4 reasons your website isn't converting

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

​Your website is your go-to spot for everything you do online. From social media to blogs, it is the hub for all your marketing platforms. So it's important that your website is working as a piece of your whole marketing system to actually get people to inquire with you! You don't want to spend money on Facebook and Instagram ads if people aren't actually going to reach out through your website. Today we're sharing 4 reasons your website isn't converting and how to start benefiting from those who visit your site!

  1. Install Hot Jar and Google Analytics These two tracking resources are the most important place to start! They help us track and understand how people use your website. Hotjar literally takes a video of people using your website from the moment they log on. How cool is that?! This provides SO much more insight into how people are using your website. It's totally anonymous and you don't know the person's name, but you get to see where each click leads them. This is the very first thing you should do when working to improve your conversion rates!

  2. Put yourself in the mindset of your ideal client. Who are they? Maybe they are a high-end luxury couple or a small-town couple doing an intimate elopement. Whoever that ideal client is for you, step into their shoes for a moment. Next, take a look at ALL the images on your website. Every single one from the home page to the contact page. Are the images ones that your ideal client would resonate with? When watching the Hot Jar videos I mentioned above, you will notice that people always pause their scroll on images. So it's incredibly important that your images are ones that your ideal couples are going to resonate with! A picture is worth a thousand words. If someone can look at your image and relate to it, they are more likely to be interested in your business.

  3. Dial in on your messaging. This is what drives people to connect with you! The images may draw them in, but if the messaging on your website is not driving them to read it and reach out, you won't be hearing from them! When I look at people's websites, the biggest problem I see is that their websites have too much text! Generally, readers don't want to go through all that and they end up just skimming through. Your website should be easy to read and digestible! Break it down with bullet points or simplify with short, to-the-point paragraphs.

  4. Call to Action A great example of picking the right call to action is if you have a button that says 'Book Now', that's a huge commitment. Instead, you could say 'Connect with us!' or 'Reach out!' This is a low-risk, inviting way to get potential clients in contact with you. Take a look at those call to actions buttons and see if you can relate them to what the reader might be thinking. Things like 'Get more information!' or 'Learn more!' are great options! When you first set up your marketing system, you spent time and money to make sure it worked for you! But if your website isn't converting, those efforts aren't doing you any good. These 4 reasons why your website isn't converting are some quick, easy tips that can really improve your conversion rate.

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